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Note: In 3.57MHz MSX running at 50Hz the smooth scroll is available, but it is not supported, since it will not work on many situations. Sorry.

It's hard to believe of any MSX fan who has never heard of a certain name: Knightmare.

It's even harder to believe that this name doesn't bring joyfull memories for all those who know what it relates to. And you may ask what does it relate to?

Knightmare is, maybe, the best game ever produced in 32Kbytes for the MSX 1 computer series. As never seen before, a game with such restriction in memory usage had explored so many resources of the MSX computer, with so long and different stages, and breath taking scenes that translate the ambience of the story so well, mixing dozens of different enemies (and dozens of them simultaneously on screen!), many different weapons, power-ups, final stage bosses and so rich in details...and not least important, a great music that puts the player in "the mood".

With such great success, it was more than natural for the original publisher - Konami - to create some sequels of also great success. However, all of Knightmare's sequels were based on the first MSX series (MSX1) and, although using more memory - 128Kbytes & 256Kbytes, respectively - did not made use of any additional hardware such as extra sound cards or MSX2 resources already available then.

Nevertheless, it was hard to resist the temptation of publishing an enhanced least of the first game. And that was exactly what the Konami itself did, in the well known Konami Game Collection, when they released a version of this famous game that made use of its wavetable sound cartridge, the SCC...and then music was brought to life, reaching another level!

It was only recently - 17 years after it's original release date - when the game has gained it's greatest "power-up": a CD-ROM based version, with versions of the original songs exclusively designed for it.

This version created a lot of interest in the MSX community in Brazil, when then people started to discuss here and there a brand new idea: why not upgrade the original MSX1 game to a MSX2 game, getting the benefits of the resources available in this machine to improve even more what was already great?

As a result of this idea and the joint effort of several members of the MSX community in Brazil, Knightmare Gold was created, a new version of the game that was released in the MSX JaŁ 2005 Meeting (Brazil's spring ending season) in celebration of Knightmare's 20th anniversary.

The Knightmare Gold game combines the characteristics of the Knightmare CD, Knightmare SCC and a brand new programming of a major part of the game to benefit from the several resources available to MSX2 and other more advanced series... and even some enhancements on the MSX1 version!

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# New AdjustROM vesion. Now there is a new test function and it works in 64 bit Windows.


# Corrected a bug on downloader that prevented CD files from being downloaded.


# Download page updated with better info on finding KMARE.ROM.


# KMGr3 was inclusing KMARE.ROM by mistake. The ROM was removed from the package.


# KMGr3 - Midas Loader 3.0.0: SCC audio, river water animation, multi-IDE and CDROM support, improved CD player routines, more bugs corrected... second public release!


# Corrected the problem with links in Music section.


# Midas Loader 2.0.0: New music, last bug corrected... first public release!


# Midas Loader 1.4.4: Corrected bug on IDE detection slot text. Corrected a bug that prevented Easy Mode in some configurations. Corrected a bug that prevented game to run without smooth scroll. Improved speed a little: replaced BIOS IRQ.