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There are 148 registered sites, 3 waiting to be authorized, with 374 total visitors today.
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# #y Site Today Best! Top5 Top10 Top25 Top50 Max Total Days Avg
34MSX Village3829379115277532658794524003032149.21
43MSX Games World34777702518412541571300142679154492.41
55blueMSX on MSX blue284191313726421430342821788281464122.15
76SymbOS MSX multitasking operating system11811115037070369412949403733429394.04
89MSXPró - The Hardware Page11187972465501711474201172907466837.04
913MSX Image Hosting1001271605949320624812.93
1024MSX Rating625721947171358369684215463718.16
1111MSX Resources643103502145107811455826261421.36
128MSX Zone - Computer Emuzone531819415281431222137207356460944.99
1314MSX Web Game50143671186571219197312.53
1420Raymond's MSX Pagina41751014218401121121377384445217.38
1517MSX Calamar4116872001419806231745686216221.13
167MSX Information Network44141011128280345127336207913.15
1742Univers MSX4210010299521605112624.79
1815MSXDEV Team31812671105158772707720152114460233.05
1916sharksym's MSX World3160374941649521618342259149828.21
2041UZIX - UNIX Implementation for MSX3138184917503246016063220466813.54
2127Electric Adventures3850163638269661592334554.61
2212Comunidad MSX3755721887688922338451207918.49
2419Ericb59 Undiscovered cave31812510995667719493170211.45
2537MSX Basic Games3162151345130318128643269610.62
2638The MSX Repository3110468103745648616923.83
2729MSX Eggerland31103138122145846115475.47
2826Un Mundo de Retro Juegos224253685628115918248114852194259.14
2957Msxflash info site of OMNISOFT and selling21740692185542024722498139806.28
3136MSX Laboratory2391193215112620202966284393616.84
3444MSX Snatcher Translation Project2161168336403573224046686.91
3535Fabf MSX page2131457935113610614724.15
#Best (Average)AvgToday
3MSX Village149.2538
5blueMSX on MSX blue122.2128
6SymbOS MSX multitasking operating system94.0611
7MSX Games World92.4534
8MSX Zone81.160
9Passion MSX73.260
10Un Mundo de Retro Juegos59.172

#Best (Points)PointsToday
2MSX Zone1702990
4SymbOS MSX multitasking operating system13402211
5MSX Village12139138
6Passion MSX950030
7MSX Posse901860
8MSX Zone - Computer Emuzone764105
9Msxflash info site of OMNISOFT and selling496002

#New SitesDaysToday
1MSX Image Hosting24710
3Chicletes para o CĂ©rebro4330
4Distrito Entebras5610
5MSX Nostalgia8420
6MSX Online Games8810
7MSX Web Game9725
8Retrogaming Total10140
9MSX Hardware Pagina10522
10MSXVIVA! Comunidad MSX11470
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#Today's site position. Red means worse than yesterday. Green means better than yesterday.
#yYesterday's site position.
SiteSite name and link.
TodayNumber of different IPs accessed the site today. Red means the number of visits is below the daily average. Green means the number of visits is above the daily average. Blue means today is the most visited day of site's history. If you place the mouse pointer over this number and wait for a while, the site ratio will be displayed.
BestNumber of days the site finished as "number one".
Top5~Top50   Number of days the site finished among the 50 best sites.
MaxMaximum number of different visits the site ever had in a single day.
TotalTotal of different visits since the register date.
DaysNumber of days since the site was registered.
AvgAverage number of different visits per day.
PointsA weighted sum of all Best (16 points), Top5 (8 points), Top10 (4 points), Top25 (2 points) and Top50 (1 point) a site had in the past.

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