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There are 142 registered sites, 1 waiting to be authorized, with 1018 total visitors today.
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# #y Site Today Best! Top5 Top10 Top25 Top50 Max Total Days Avg
3637Amusement Factory31196121128280467447821409411.68
3716MSXVIVA! Comunidad MSX3164134936811537535746.54
3852MSX Nostalgia3002161343411412694.24
3956Msxflash info site of OMNISOFT and selling21740692185531735722400834067.05
4024Electric Adventures2850101137958661158128814.02
4130MSX Laboratory2391193206412154202963251336218.81
4243MSX Legend22352277913091422168323739.14
4348MSX Solutions22042991444830815848736408911.92
4433Fabf MSX page213145063911347178985.25
4529MSX Spain212101223711901161149416307.05
4649The MSX Repository211032659245406311183.63
4734MSX Cassettes!281206631312811855221708.55
4851Club Mesxes2101860935452328701.58
4938Univers MSX12100355382132826884.77
5062Meits' simplistic hide out111123367775449213963.22
5193La SeKTa 180124627454755832002.36
5263Ghosts'n Goblins for MSX Project1341010336031871244633643.70
53104Cobra Preservation Project12001619937233117901.30
5470Passion MSX056027951582017945372341549408983.53
5555MSX Posse0489240915298939181199210591408951.50
5772MSX Argentina016102393129751502642055040375.09
5973EdiOS Project01381516147821271821871540444.63
6074MSX blue0137975628144112339249145435408035.65
6175the MSX page013547138574187682881940947.04
6276Revistas MSX en espaħol012700125063825641798440354.46
6478Generation MSX010615652039517468844843623340898.86
6579MSX Livros01020298612011156732548534607.37
6658MarMSX Develop09917360513637772434540466.02
6780Merins' World09902258313694651705639664.30
6881MSX.Org.Br / MSXBr-L097325597411255642590740946.33
7041countach's MSX site0911648616900762483240626.11
#Best (Average)AvgToday
11MSX Zone - Computer Emuzone47.3325
12MSXPró - The Hardware Page37.1514
13MSXDEV Team35.759
14MSX blue35.650
15sharksym's MSX World30.0424
16The MSX Games bOX27.390
17Recuerdos de 8 Bits27.1513
18MSX Café26.890
19MSX Resources22.655
20The MSX Files22.605

#Best (Points)PointsToday
11MSX Rating460684
13MSX blue436650
14MSXDEV Team427589
15The MSX Files426865
16Raymond's MSX Pagina4045914
17Generation MSX396040
18MSX Argentina396000
19UZIX - UNIX Implementation for MSX392694
20MSX Games World3813771

#New SitesDaysToday
11blueMSX on MSX blue88967
12Fabf MSX page8972
13sharksym's MSX World92324
15MSX Games World96971
16MSX Eggerland9725
17The MSX Repository11172
19Ericb59 Undiscovered cave11276
20Repro Factory11274
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#Today's site position. Red means worse than yesterday. Green means better than yesterday.
#yYesterday's site position.
SiteSite name and link.
TodayNumber of different IPs accessed the site today. Red means the number of visits is below the daily average. Green means the number of visits is above the daily average. Blue means today is the most visited day of site's history. If you place the mouse pointer over this number and wait for a while, the site ratio will be displayed.
BestNumber of days the site finished as "number one".
Top5~Top50   Number of days the site finished among the 50 best sites.
MaxMaximum number of different visits the site ever had in a single day.
TotalTotal of different visits since the register date.
DaysNumber of days since the site was registered.
AvgAverage number of different visits per day.
PointsA weighted sum of all Best (16 points), Top5 (8 points), Top10 (4 points), Top25 (2 points) and Top50 (1 point) a site had in the past.

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