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There are 142 registered sites, with 1009 total visitors today.
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# #y Site Today Best! Top5 Top10 Top25 Top50 Max Total Days Avg
22MSX Games World1106514035180122215572497693699977.01
35MSX Village10129288610246532658794016192487161.49
44blueMSX on MSX blue9840982268242143034282123322919134.19
53MSX Zone76314414043159285151435310170342790.51
77MSXPró - The Hardware Page41187691972499411473201153163412337.15
810MSX Web Game280021851694037344288.72
98SymbOS MSX multitasking operating system2580011432662535147245363859374897.08
1211MSX Zone - Computer Emuzone1531819314850419922137191819406447.20
1414Comunidad MSX13755641386685322331022153420.22
1518MSXDEV Team121812671087153752683720144418405735.60
1621MSX Rating1125721945167786509679579409219.45
1727Recuerdos de 8 Bits111160330155091108151287190626.91
1817Ericb59 Undiscovered cave10181106514857713050115711.28
1922MSX GOLD9100711103614122157031520282411.16
2044UZIX - UNIX Implementation for MSX8138184717327211116059676412314.47
2113MSX Information Network841217702277045118449153412.03
2226MSX Maps (mirror)84111690517131753731041099.08
2348Raymond's MSX Pagina71751014018002106921372263390718.50
2416MSX Calamar7114821151017801131735780161722.13
2619MSX Resources743102541727104711446593206922.52
2737MSX Spain712101224212111161163616597.01
2823MSX Cassettes!781206651333811867621998.49
2912sharksym's MSX World616035205139552161832836195329.76
3033The MSX Files615810496317121126515092677412322.48
3140Electric Adventures6850101137987661172629104.03
3241MSX Laboratory5391193207512172202963483339118.72
3350Knightmare Saga51835123654621033534041098.60
3429MSX Snatcher Translation Project5161157335991572924141237.09
3531MSX Eggerland511017975845547010025.46
#Best (Average)AvgToday
1MSX Village161.51101
4blueMSX on MSX blue134.2398
5SymbOS MSX multitasking operating system97.1025
6MSX Zone90.5176
7Passion MSX82.960
8MSX Games World76.98110
10MSX Posse51.150

#Best (Points)PointsToday
2MSX Zone16920176
4SymbOS MSX multitasking operating system13146225
5MSX Village117083101
6Passion MSX950030
7MSX Posse901840
8MSX Zone - Computer Emuzone7445215
9Msxflash info site of OMNISOFT and selling493210

#New SitesDaysToday
1Distrito Entebras160
2MSX Nostalgia2973
3MSX Online Games3360
4MSX Web Game42728
5Retrogaming Total4690
6MSX Hardware Pagina5071
7MSXVIVA! Comunidad MSX6022
8MSX VIVA! Comunidad MSX6090
9MSX Assembleur7130
10Univers MSX7162
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#Today's site position. Red means worse than yesterday. Green means better than yesterday.
#yYesterday's site position.
SiteSite name and link.
TodayNumber of different IPs accessed the site today. Red means the number of visits is below the daily average. Green means the number of visits is above the daily average. Blue means today is the most visited day of site's history. If you place the mouse pointer over this number and wait for a while, the site ratio will be displayed.
BestNumber of days the site finished as "number one".
Top5~Top50   Number of days the site finished among the 50 best sites.
MaxMaximum number of different visits the site ever had in a single day.
TotalTotal of different visits since the register date.
DaysNumber of days since the site was registered.
AvgAverage number of different visits per day.
PointsA weighted sum of all Best (16 points), Top5 (8 points), Top10 (4 points), Top25 (2 points) and Top50 (1 point) a site had in the past.

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