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There are 146 registered sites, 1 waiting to be authorized, with 912 total visitors today.
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# #y Site Today Best! Top5 Top10 Top25 Top50 Max Total Days Avg
141141Konamiman's MSX Page0000000012910.00
144144MSX Repository0000000029100.00
145145Carlos Marcelo MSX Page0000000043990.00
#Best (Average)AvgToday
42MSX História10.250
43Tabajara Labs9.920
45bgMSX - The MSX Game Music Collection9.390
46MSX Maps (mirror)8.391
47MSX Legend8.261
48Knightmare Saga8.204
49Generation MSX8.040
50MSX Cassettes!7.837

#Best (Points)PointsToday
41MSX Valley185731
42MSX GOLD184184
43MSX Laboratory181654
44MSX Adventure178280
45MSX Top177021
46The MSX Games bOX176240
47MSX Walkthroughs167780
48MSX Café162880
49Recuerdos de 8 Bits1606610
50MSX Calamar139469

#New SitesDaysToday
41MSX Hobby25463
42MSX Cassettes!25897
43DJANGO MSX translations26090
45MSX Legend27921
46MSX Village287785
47MSX Repository29090
48MSX Info pages29490
49MSX Hardware Argentina30160
50Video Hazard31200
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#Today's site position. Red means worse than yesterday. Green means better than yesterday.
#yYesterday's site position.
SiteSite name and link.
TodayNumber of different IPs accessed the site today. Red means the number of visits is below the daily average. Green means the number of visits is above the daily average. Blue means today is the most visited day of site's history. If you place the mouse pointer over this number and wait for a while, the site ratio will be displayed.
BestNumber of days the site finished as "number one".
Top5~Top50   Number of days the site finished among the 50 best sites.
MaxMaximum number of different visits the site ever had in a single day.
TotalTotal of different visits since the register date.
DaysNumber of days since the site was registered.
AvgAverage number of different visits per day.
PointsA weighted sum of all Best (16 points), Top5 (8 points), Top10 (4 points), Top25 (2 points) and Top50 (1 point) a site had in the past.

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