Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Knightmare Gold "Release" version needs the original ROM?
  • To avoid copyright legal problems, the authors decided to create a loader that 'patches' the original ROM to use new routines, instead of distribute a modified ROM.

  • Why the opening screen and Konami logo were changed?
  • Because the authors believe both deserved an improved version. The original screens can be viewed loading the game in the MSX1 mode.

  • I think the new colors are bad. Can I change them?
  • Yes, you can... among those available on the menu. Just like Konami decided the knight would be cyan and everybody had to get used to it, we decided for a knight that is not cyan. (^=

  • Will you "upgrade" other games this way?
  • Maybe yes, maybe no. Anyway, Maze of Galious and Shalom are not in a possibile list. (^=

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    # New AdjustROM vesion. Now there is a new test function and it works in 64 bit Windows.


    # Corrected a bug on downloader that prevented CD files from being downloaded.


    # Download page updated with better info on finding KMARE.ROM.


    # KMGr3 was inclusing KMARE.ROM by mistake. The ROM was removed from the package.


    # KMGr3 - Midas Loader 3.0.0: SCC audio, river water animation, multi-IDE and CDROM support, improved CD player routines, more bugs corrected... second public release!


    # Corrected the problem with links in Music section.


    # Midas Loader 2.0.0: New music, last bug corrected... first public release!


    # Midas Loader 1.4.4: Corrected bug on IDE detection slot text. Corrected a bug that prevented Easy Mode in some configurations. Corrected a bug that prevented game to run without smooth scroll. Improved speed a little: replaced BIOS IRQ.