Here you will find all the music played in the game. Some of those files bring arrangements made from the scratch, others were recorded from the original game.
It is recommended a good synthesizer (like Roland SC-88) when listening MIDI music. Its also hear them using a software synthesizer like Timidity. For those that did not want to mess with unknown software, every MIDI available is also presented in MP3 format.
The music from original Knightmare CD are also available in MP3 format and were sequenced by Pablo Vasques Bravo-Villalba.

(1) Music by Yuji Suzuki
(2) Music recorded by fMSX 2.6
(3) Music by Pablo Vasques Bravo-Villalba (Parn)
* The music marked with (1) and (2) were found in the page Knightmare Saga.

KMG Music Download
Introduction [MP3](x2427)(3)
Power Up [MP3](x1736)(3)
Death [MP3](x1542)(3)
Game Over [MP3](x1572)(3)
Stage 1 - Knightmare [MP3](x3810)(3)
Boss 1 - Knightmare [MP3](x1794)(3)
Stage 2 - Knightmare [MP3](x1926)(3)
Boss 2 - Knightmare [MP3](x1548)(3)
Stage 3 - Penguin Adventure [MP3](x2008)(3)
Boss 3 - Penguin Adventure [MP3](x1512)(3)
Stage 4 - Shalom [MP3](x1772)(3)
Boss 4 - Salamander [MP3](x1521)(3)
Stage 5 - Maze of Galious [MP3](x1924)(3)
Boss 5 - Penguin Adventure [MP3](x1492)(3)
Stage 6 - Knightmare [MP3](x1669)(3)
Boss 6 - Knightmare [MP3](x1396)(3)
Stage 7 - King Kong 2 [MP3](x1570)(3)
Boss 7 - Snatcher [MP3](x1454)(3)
Stage 8 - Maze of Galious [MP3](x2174)(3)
Boss 8 - Maze of Galious [MP3](x1541)(3)
Ending [MP3](x1425)(3)
Music Download
MIDI Music XM Music (CD)
Opening Theme + Stage 1 [MIDI](x1910)(1)[MP3](x2018)(1) [XM][MP3]
Opening Theme [MIDI](x1492)(2)[MP3](x1518)(2) [XM][MP3](x1471)(3)
Stage 1 [MIDI](x1592)(2)[MP3](x1606)(2) [XM][MP3](x2017)(3)
Stage 2 [MIDI](x1323)[MP3](x1301) [XM][MP3](x1355)(3)
Stage 1 Boss [MIDI](x1397)(2)[MP3](x1223)(2) [XM][MP3](x1417)(3)
Stage 2 Boss [MIDI](x1291)(2)[MP3](x1311)(2) [XM][MP3](x1378)(3)
Death Theme [MIDI][MP3] [XM][MP3](x1328)(3)
Ending Theme [MIDI](x1298)(2)[MP3](x1235)(2) [XM][MP3](x1289)(3)
Game Over Theme [MIDI](x1353)(2)[MP3](x1195)(2) [XM][MP3](x1282)(3)
Power-Up Theme [MIDI](x1345)(2)[MP3](x1280)(2) [XM][MP3](x1281)(3)

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