Here you will find information about the partners which are helping in the production of the special commemorative 20th anniversary edition of Knightmare. Please, contact me if you want your name removed from this listing.

  • The available versions are:

  • Premium Version
  • CD with color label, including the game, PDF manual and musics.
  • DVD box with color cover, printed in Matte paper (170g).
  • 24 fully colored pages Manual, printed in glossy paper cover and couchê paper (95g) internal pages.

  • Light Version
  • CD with color label, including the game, PDF manual and musics.
  • CD box with color cover, printed in normal paper (90g).

  • NameVersionStatus
    1. Adriano Camargo Rodrigues da Cunha Premium OK
    2. Adriano Ricardo Vargas Premium OK
    3. Carlos Eduardo Premium OK
    4. Cristiano Silva Premium OK
    5. Daniel Jorge Caetano Premium OK
    6. Dante Nishida Premium OK
    7. David Felix Premium OK
    8. Edison Antonio Pires de Moraes Premium OK
    9. Emerson Polesi Premium OK
    10. Felipe P. G. Bergo Premium OK
    11. Fernando Arthur Tollendal Pacheco Premium OK
    12. Giovanni dos Reis Nunes Premium OK
    13. Gustavo Selbach Teixeira Premium OK
    14. José Lúcio Gama Light OK
    15. José Luiz de Almeida Junior Premium OK
    16. Leandro A. F. Pereira Premium OK
    17. Luciano Sturaro Premium OK
    18. Manuel Cunha Junior Premium OK
    19. Marcelo Teixeira Silveira Premium OK
    20. Marcelo Tini Premium OK
    21. Marco Antônio Simon Dal Poz Premium OK
    22. Marcos Antônio de Oliveira Premium OK
    23. Maurício Braga Premium OK
    24. Mauro Passarinho Premium OK
    25. Maximino Ferreira Premium OK
    26. Pablo Vasques Bravo-Villalba Premium OK
    27. Rafael Rigues Premium OK
    28. Renato Faria Lopes Premium OK
    29. Ricardo Jurczyk Pinheiro Premium OK
    30. Robson dos Santos França Light OK
    31. Sandro Zanello Premium OK
    32. Wilson Pilon Premium OK

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    # New AdjustROM vesion. Now there is a new test function and it works in 64 bit Windows.


    # Corrected a bug on downloader that prevented CD files from being downloaded.


    # Download page updated with better info on finding KMARE.ROM.


    # KMGr3 was inclusing KMARE.ROM by mistake. The ROM was removed from the package.


    # KMGr3 - Midas Loader 3.0.0: SCC audio, river water animation, multi-IDE and CDROM support, improved CD player routines, more bugs corrected... second public release!


    # Corrected the problem with links in Music section.


    # Midas Loader 2.0.0: New music, last bug corrected... first public release!


    # Midas Loader 1.4.4: Corrected bug on IDE detection slot text. Corrected a bug that prevented Easy Mode in some configurations. Corrected a bug that prevented game to run without smooth scroll. Improved speed a little: replaced BIOS IRQ.