Knightmare Gold has the following features:

  • No more sprite flickering (need MSX2)
  • Smooth Scroll (need at least an MSX2 with 7MHz (60Hz machines). It will work on MSX2 3.57MHz (50Hz machines))
  • River water animation on all stages - doesn't require MSX2!)
  • Dynamic palette, each stage has its own, so it could look beter... (need MSX2)
  • ...or you can use static "Cool Colors" by Fábio Ricardo Schmidlin. (need MSX2)
  • When using Dynamic Palette mode, all stages received redesigned patterns using extra colors and improving the game visual experience. (need MSX2)
  • When using Dynamic Palette mode, every stage boss was redesigned, using extra colors and improving the game visual experience. Some bosses do not need dynamic palette to be improved. (need MSX2)
  • New "Easy Mode", for those that never finished the game, where the player need to be touched 4 times before dying.
  • New Konami logo (MSX2 style, colored like SNES one), in screen 5 (need MSX2)
  • New animated opening screen, in screen 5 (need MSX2)
  • CD Quality game music (sequenced by Pablo V.B. Villalba, need Sunrise IDE + CDROM - doesn't require MSX2!)
  • SCC game music on computers with SCC or SCC+ connected.
  • New tunes to the game, when playing from CD.
  • Option to each stage has its own music (in development, with musics made by Pablo, based on Konami classics. Need Sunrise IDE + CDROM - doesn't require MSX2!)
  • Option to not restart the music being played at each power up - continuous music - when running from CD (need Sunrise IDE + CDROM - doesn't require MSX2!)
  • 3 Options of Scoreboard: the original, and two options of extended score board, including speed information and time counters (needed for smooth scroll). (work on any MSX)
  • Knightmare Gold runs on EVERY MSX machine, from MSX 1.0 to MSX Turbo R. The more powerful your machine, more options you have to improve the game.
  • Runs on any MSX-DOS version, from 1.0 to 2.4, in any media (Disk, flash card, CDROM, HardDisk)
  • Require small amount of RAM (64KB for MSX-DOS1, 128KB for MSX-DOS2), and require only 64KB of VRAM in MSX2 mode.
  • Graphical Menu Loader, to select game options (need MSX2)
  • You can run the game in MSX1 mode, even on an MSX2 (and this includes sprite flickering) or run on MSX2 mode, where all options are available. This MSX2 mode includes 3 sprite color palletes: Original (equal to MSX1 colors, BUT no flickering), Enhanced (MSX1 colors, with shades) or Gold (new selected colors).
  • Minimum requirements for MSX1 are: 64Kbytes RAM, 16KBytes VRAM and MSX-DOS 1.x.
  • Minimum requirements for MSX2 are: 64Kbytes RAM, 64KBytes VRAM and MSX-DOS 1.x.
  • Recomended equipment: MSX2 with 7MHz or more, 128Kbytes of RAM, 128KBytes of VRAM, SCC+, MSX-DOS 2.x and Sunrise IDE + CD-ROM.
  • Future features:

  • SCSI CDROM support (Almost impossible).

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    # New AdjustROM vesion. Now there is a new test function and it works in 64 bit Windows.


    # Corrected a bug on downloader that prevented CD files from being downloaded.


    # Download page updated with better info on finding KMARE.ROM.


    # KMGr3 was inclusing KMARE.ROM by mistake. The ROM was removed from the package.


    # KMGr3 - Midas Loader 3.0.0: SCC audio, river water animation, multi-IDE and CDROM support, improved CD player routines, more bugs corrected... second public release!


    # Corrected the problem with links in Music section.


    # Midas Loader 2.0.0: New music, last bug corrected... first public release!


    # Midas Loader 1.4.4: Corrected bug on IDE detection slot text. Corrected a bug that prevented Easy Mode in some configurations. Corrected a bug that prevented game to run without smooth scroll. Improved speed a little: replaced BIOS IRQ.