The Saga

Konami has always been famous due to its tradition in game series, like the Nemesis (Gradius) Saga. Amongst these well known sequels, the Knightmare Saga was one of the first and, maybe, one of the most variable. The complete Saga is a trilogy consisting of: Knightmare, Maze of Galious - Knightmare II and, finally, Shalom - Knightmare III. The first game is a classic shoot'em up; the second, an action-adventure game and the third, a classic RPG. Maze of Galious, besides the MSX version, has also been published to NES and, recently, Knightmare has received a version converted to i-Mode for mobiles. Only the MSX versions of these games will be addressed here.

The stories below are adaptations of the narratives included in the original manuals of the games. The differences in this adaptation (specially concerning the names of one and another game) are also found in the original stories.

  • Knightmare (Majou Densetsu)
  • Maze of Galious - Knightmare II (Galious no Meikyu - Majou Densetsu II)
  • Shalom - Knightmare III (SHALOM - Majou Densetsu III - Kanketsuhen)

  • Knightmare
    Majou Densetsu
    Konami 1986 (MSX)

    Aphrodite, godness of love and beauty, was held captive in the Knightmare Castle by the Underground rescue her is the quest of our beloved hero Popolon.

    In the long journey towards Knightmare Castle, Popolon was already losing his hope to find it. His nights were filled by terrible knightmares, with the horrible creatures that threatened his beloved one.

    One night, however, Popolon had a different dream. Hera, sister of Zeus, came to visit his dreams and told him the location of the Knightmare Castle: beyond the scarps of Mount Athos.

    Hera then gave him an advice: for him to use wisely the jewels Aphrodite has left along the way, as well as the magic cristals sent from Mount Olympus to help him find and rescue Aphrodite.

    With his renewed hope and the protection of Hera, Popolon then headed towards Mount Athos... Will Popolon rescue his beloved on time?

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    The Maze of Galious - Knightmare II
    Galious no Meikyu - Majou Densetsu II
    Konami 1987 (MSX)

    According to a tale which has been told since long, long time ago, princess of Greece Aphrodite was, at certain time, kidnapped by Hudnos, Master of Darkness. To save her from Hudnos, Popolon headed towards the Castle of Darkness, in the deeps of Mount Athos.

    However, this kidnapp was just to deviate the attention from a much bigger plan created by the Supreme Priest of Hell: Galious, an old wizard of darkness that sold his sould to the devil, becoming himself the own encarnation of evil.

    Managing to get Popolon out of Greece, Galious invaded the kingdom with his demons and transformed it into its headquarters for his plan to make the world become a kingdom of darkness...The true Castle of Darkness was the own Greek Castle!

    Galious then turned to the sky and kidnapped the unborn Pampas, future son of Popolon and Aphrodite, and held him captive in his Castle.

    When Popolon got back to the Greek Castle, after rescuing Aphrodite, Popolon felt a strange presence and promptly realized what has happened then.

    In order to overtake the Castle and rescue his future son from the power of Darkness, Popolon and Aphrodite crossed the gates of the Castle, knowing that what was still to come could cost them their own lifes...

    And then the stage was set for the true climax of the "Demon Legend"....

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    Shalom - Knightmare III
    Majou Densetsu III - Kanketsuhen
    Konami 1987 (MSX)

    This is the story of a high-school kid, leader of the Computers Club...that he really wished it was the Computer Games Club.

    After school, he always used to spend hours in front of the computers, playing so many different games...instead of using his spare time to do his homework.

    Then one day, while playing in the Computers Club, a girl from his class enters the room. Even though she was in love with him, he was never able to realize it. Besides, he rarely paid much attention to her or any other girl, as he was really interest in playing games.

    This day, however, she brought a new Konami Game: Shalom. He, without thinking it twice, asked her to let him play it. She told him the game was weird, and that it was better for him not to play it...

    Even with her complain, he ripped the game from her hands and plugged it onto the computer, turning it on. The game starts but, before she was able to say anything...he disappears in front of her eyes...

    Some time afterwards, he wakes up in a totally strange place, next to Butako and, without undertanding what was going on, starts to be prepared to find his way back home...A long journey, that may never come to an end....

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