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   Well... after a long time I had translated this marvelous game to portuguese. The portuguese translation is almost finished and I had started to work on the scripts to other languages translation also.
   A long time has passed since the first person tried to translate this game. Many of them had quit because of the difficulties inherent to the game internals. Many misteries grown based on the "untranslateability" of this game... Well, the game itself is now translated, and I'm enhancing many of it's functions.
   Hey, don't get me wrong. The translation work was not easy. It was something like "eating rocks instead of cake"... Hehehe. Anyway, every dificulty was solved and it looks like no serious side effects surfaced.
   The portuguese translated game uses the same resources needed by the original version provided by Martos: 128Kb of memory mapper and a normal SCC (Satcher and SD-Snatcher SCC+ will also work, full featured, of course!). English one require some more memory. Look for requirements on the readme!
   Beside Martos (mapper version) and Dante Nishida (translation of the graphics), I would like to thank several users that helped with the translation, such as Artemio Urbina of Junker HQ, who had dumped the game texts by the first time and Takamichi Suzukawa, the guy that had spent many hours of it's life translating the japanese text into english... I would like to thank Ricardo Bittencourt, because he created and modified the BrMSX emulator, adding functions needed by me and Dante during the translation (Hey! Waht about addind the missing V9958 functions and finish the Shalom translation!?).
   Finally, I would like to thank two more persons:
   Norikuni Kofuji, who gave me an original Snatcher game, including booklet and disks.
   Artemio Urbina, who deservers a HUGE THANKS by the help and support during the translation and specially for the gift he sent me: a SD-Snatcher game including everything (the SCC+ too!), booklet and 90 cards of Snatcher colection...!

PS: Thanks to Konami and Metallica. The translation would be too much boring without Ride the Lightning, St.Anger and Snatcher Zoom Tracks. =^D

   The translated game may be downloaded below. The translation progress is described below too:

   Snatcher in Portuguese v.0.9.9(x8035)  (22/12/2003)

   Snatcher in English v.0.6.0(x21978)  (22/12/2003)

   Snatcher in Spanish v.0.0.0 (31/08/2002):

General news (22/12/2003):
  • English translation is finished.
  • Simple installer and readme added.
General news (18/12/2003):
  • The game will use extra memory pages for more than 13.5kb of text again. Now it can have about 1MB of extra text.
  • Disk 0 Loader is ready. It is integrated with HardDisk loader, so only one .COM is needed.
The news on spanish version 0.0.0 (31/08/2002):
  • Started a rework on the translation scripts to allow easier transalation
The news on english version 0.6.0 (22/12/2003):
  • Translation finised
The news on portuguese version 0.9.9 (22/12/2003):
  • Code updated to the same level as english version.
  • Some more corrections to the scripts..

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"Esta é uma história de ficção.
Todos os nomes e eventos são fictícios. Qualquer semelhança
com a realidade é mera coincidência."
"Moscou, 6 de Junho de 1991"
"Ambiente: H.Kojima"
"Programação: H.Fukui"
"Música: M.Ikariko"
"Neo Kobe Dezembro 2042."
Gibson: "JUNKER HQ! Aqui é Gibson. Encurralei um possível
Snatcher, na Fábrica em Ruínas, setor M!
Enviem reforços!"
Metal Gear: "Este é o único veículo JUNKER: o 'triciclo'. Ele
Pode andar no chão, levitar ou mesmo voar a altas
velocidades, at´ mesmo na perpendicular."

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Game being translated by Daniel Caetano (Fudeba) and Dante Nishida (atom)
With the help of:
   Adriano Cunha (UZIXman)
   Artemio Urbina
   Daniel Kim (Ginseng)
   Leandro Pereira (acidx)
   Reinaldo Quaresma (barnabe)
   Ricardo Bittencourt (hijo)
   Takamichi Suzukawa