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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why this version doesn't use the .CAS file?
  • Because it was easier to convert the game to several files.

  • Why the game doesn't show the Spectrum loading screen?
  • Because the cassete MSX version had not that screen and because the authors thought it was too ugly to be converted and added to the game.

  • Will you "convert" other games this way?
  • Probably yes, even if some people insist on calling us "pirates" for upgrade / convert / correct games that are not being sold anymore since many centuries ago, to run on a plataform which is " commercially resting in peace", even if it is more than alive inside our very own hearts.

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    # Release 1.0.2: Small bug on loading routine corrected.


    # Section "On the Media" updated.


    # Download sections added.


    # ZX Spectrum and Atari ST (same as C64) game images added.
    # Progress section added.
    # Music section added.
    # Several other sections added.