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Altered Beast 1.0 features are:

  • Complete conversion, from the animated opening screen to the game ending.
  • It is a "file" version. That is: it will run from disk or hard disk.
  • Compatible with any MSX computer (including MSX 1.0 with slow VDP, which was not correctly supported by the original cassete version).
  • Palette specially designed when running on MSX2 or better computers, based on Cool Colors palette.
  • Return to the game start screen when the game is won.
  • Compatible with any MSX-DOS version (from 1.0 to 2.4).
  • "Full" speed (= Spectrum) when running on 7MHz (or faster) computers.
  • The minimum requirements for any MSX are 64Kbytes RAM, 16KBytes VRAM and DOS 1.x.
  • The recommended equipment is: MSX2 running at 7MHz (or more), 128Kbytes RAM, 16KBytes VRAM, DOS 2.x and HardDisk.
  • I am thinking to add the following features:

  • Scoreboard improvement, adding more energy blocks.
  • Colision system improvement, making the game easier.
  • Dynamic palette on the stages (MSX2 computers).
  • Improvements that will not be:

  • Adition of original Spectrum sound scores (even using CD).
  • New graphic colorization.
  • The use of sprites on the main character.
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    # Release 1.0.2: Small bug on loading routine corrected.


    # Section "On the Media" updated.


    # Download sections added.


    # ZX Spectrum and Atari ST (same as C64) game images added.
    # Progress section added.
    # Music section added.
    # Several other sections added.