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In Altered Beast you are a hero that has been risen from his own grave to rescue Zeus' daughter from Neff. Your journey begins in an ancient greek city - the graveyard where our hero rested in peace, and continues through the underground, the Lost Souls Caverns, Neff's Palace... until the hero arrives Dis City, where he will fight Neff. At each stage's end, the hero must fight a guardian, which will do whatever is possible to block his way.

Despite the heavy burden, Zeus hasn't left our hero unsupported. Everytime the hero kills a sacred animal, an energy pill will improve his power, thus making journey's challenges more bearable. When three (or more) energy pills are taken, our hero will morph into one of the most powerful beasts: a wolf-man, a dragon, a bear or a tiger.

Even being one of the most "classical" Sega Genesis/Mega Drive games, as a reasonable conversion of an "arcade hit", Altered Beast arrived at MSX system as a partial adaptation from ZX Spectrum 128's.

However, most MSX users had never been able to play this game because it was only available in the cassete tape format. Even if the game has many flaws, it is interesting and deserved a (hard)disk version... and it deserves it badly because it has an whole new life on modern MSX systems, running at 7MHz or more, which allow the game to run as fast as his Spectrum counterpart.

To the fans of this classic game... Welcome! And enjoy Altered Beast for MSX, now in an universal version... and one of the toughest.

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# Release 1.0.2: Small bug on loading routine corrected.


# Section "On the Media" updated.


# Download sections added.


# ZX Spectrum and Atari ST (same as C64) game images added.
# Progress section added.
# Music section added.
# Several other sections added.


# Versions section created.


# First beta-testing release.


# Corrected a bug that was messing up the opening screen on MSX1.
# Reduced the Altered Beast's logo blink time on the intro.
# The first version of project's website is online!


# Added optimized colors when running on MSX2 or better.
# Stripped the "stop the tape"e; message on stages 2, 3, 4 and 5.
# Corrected a bug that was preventing the disk version from run on MSX1 machines.