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#Best (Today's Average)AvgToday
11MSX Zone - Computer Emuzone44.4014
12MSX Posse43.740
13MSX JAPAN39.9117
14MSXPró - The Hardware Page36.9414
15MSXDEV Team32.374
16MSX blue30.270
17sharksym's MSX World27.395
18The MSX Games bOX23.250
19MSX Café22.550
20Recuerdos de 8 Bits22.013

#Best (Average Points)Pts/DayToday
13Msxflash info site of OMNISOFT and selling12.030
14Un Mundo de Retro Juegos11.162
16MSX Rating9.889
17MSXDEV Team9.304
18MSX blue9.090
19Raymond's MSX Pagina9.062
20The MSX Files9.001

#Best (Max)MaxToday
11MSX Web Game4693
12MSX Hardware Pagina4663
13MSXVIVA! Comunidad MSX4641
14Univers MSX4613
15blueMSX on MSX blue45849
16Fabf MSX page4571
17sharksym's MSX World4565
18MSX Games World45465
19MSX Eggerland4531
20The MSX Repository4523
#Best (Average)AvgToday
11MSX Zone - Computer Emuzone44.4114
12MSX Posse43.750
13MSX JAPAN40.0717
14MSXPró - The Hardware Page36.9414
15MSXDEV Team32.384
16MSX blue30.280
17sharksym's MSX World27.415
18The MSX Games bOX23.260
19MSX Café22.550
20Recuerdos de 8 Bits22.023

#Best (Points)PointsToday
11MSX Rating473149
13MSXDEV Team441964
14MSX Games World4410365
15MSX blue436690
16The MSX Files433861
17Raymond's MSX Pagina417142
18UZIX - UNIX Implementation for MSX401731
19Generation MSX396040
20MSX Argentina396000

#New SitesDaysToday
11MSX Online Games10330
12MSX Web Game11243
13Retrogaming Total11660
14MSX Hardware Pagina12043
15MSXVIVA! Comunidad MSX12991
16MSX VIVA! Comunidad MSX13060
17MSX Assembleur14100
18Univers MSX14133
19Konamiman's MSX Page15960
20blueMSX on MSX blue161549
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#Today's site position. Red means worse than yesterday. Green means better than yesterday.
#yYesterday's site position.
SiteSite name and link.
TodayNumber of different IPs accessed the site today. Red means the number of visits is below the daily average. Green means the number of visits is above the daily average. Blue means today is the most visited day of site's history.
BestNumber of days the site finished as "number one".
Top5~Top50   Number of days the site finished among the 50 best sites.
MaxMaximum number of different visits the site ever had in a single day.
TotalTotal of different visits since the register date.
DaysNumber of days since the site was registered.
AvgAverage number of different visits per day.
PointsA weighted sum of all Best (16 points), Top5 (8 points), Top10 (4 points), Top25 (2 points) and Top50 (1 point) a site had in the past.

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