Karateka is a game in which you take the control of a great fighter that must defeat a large number of enemies controlled by Akuma, the great vilain that has kidnapped your beloved. And, of course, you'll have your bare hands and feets to win this battle.

Karateka is a personal computer classic and had versions to several computers and videogames; some of those are honorable versions... and some, like the Spectrum one, are horrible... and the MSX version is even worse, being even more sluggish and with several parts missing.

This project target is not fixing all those problems, but convert the MSX cassete tape version into a disk version, correcting some bugs of the original MSX conversion and, maybe, recovering some of the elements that were cut-off on the original game conversion.

For those in love with this game, this is the time for a big disappointment. For everyone else, prepare yourselves to the game that defies ZORAX's throne as "the worst game ever" on a MSX.

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# Release 1.0.2! Look at Downloads page!
# Small bug correcter on loading routine.


# GameBoy version of Karateka added to the Versions section. Thanks to Leandro Correa for the information!


# First public release! Look at Downloads page!
# End screen added to the game.
# Re-emabled the interrupt routine (it was "somewhat" disabled in the original MSX conversion) so the music could be played always in the same speed and the control response became a little bit better (now it is possible to do fight sequences).
# Video routines corrected to work with IRQ enabled.
# Small optimizations on screen output routines (it is now spending 700 less cycles by frame displayed).
# Energy bar display optimized for MSX2 or better computers (using OUTI sequences, economizing about 150 cycles on the entine energy bar display process).


# The energy color attribute is now corrected accordingly to the energy bar size.
# Corrected a bug that made the game hand when it wasn't finished on the last room.
# Now it is possible to jump from opening story directly to the game pushing any key.
# Corrected a bug that made the game hangs when the player was pushed into the cliff.
# General corrections and additions on the WebSite.


# Improved "The End" screen code, which now is displayed on every stage.
# The message "The End" now clears the screen.
# Changed the death animation on the first stage, to avoid game hanging.
# Loading text added.
# Amusement Factory logo added.
# CoolColors added.


# The first version of project's website is online!


# Now the game Exit To DOS after being beaten (instead of hangind).
# Enabled "The End" message when the player dies. Missing on first stage.


# Improved game loading routine.
# Re-enabled some game messages to allow some debugging.