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What is MSX Rating?

   MSX Rating is a service to allow a relative comparison between several MSX sites popularity in a daily basis.
   In other words, the webmaster of each MSX site can track the performance of registered MSX related websites.
   This idea is based in an ancient service also called MSX Rating, from Novatec, which is now offline. Based on that service, Amusement Factory Software created "Blog Rating", a Blog Popularity meter. Due to technical problems, Blog Rating was discontinued and later resumed by a third party software developer.
   The new MSX Rating is based on an evolution over original Blog Rating engine and is now much more stable and reliable.
   As a secondary service, the MSX Rating can be used by newbies on MSX world to find out what are (possibly) the best MSX sites in the world.

   An important feature of MSX Rating system is the fact it is not a "hit counter". In this first version it measures how many different computers were used to access your site, and not how many times each computer accessed it.
   The counter criteria may change on the lifetime of the service, to avoid distortions, since the idea is not create a new visitor counter: the idea is provide a comparative database.

How does it work?

   The MSX Rating system works pretty much like a normal counter. You must register and then you will receive some code lines to add in your website source code.
   You can register as many counters you want, as long as the URLs and site names are different; you must create a counter for each page you plan to add the code. Therefore, each counter/page will have a different SiteID.
   Once Amusement Factory staff had authorized your counter, it will indicate a value proportional to the different visitors of your website in that day, displaying the relative position of your website among all registered ones (normal, Top50, Top25, Top10, Top5 and Best!), as shown below:

If your site is the most accessed in the day.
If your site is between the 2nd and 5th position.
If your site is between the 6th and 10th position.
If your site is between the 11th and 25th position.
If your site is between the 26th and 50th position.
If your site is in position 51th or worse.

   There is a list with registered MSX sites until now. There you'll be able to find some neat statistics.

What is the code to use MSX Rating?

   Use this form to retrieve your code (you'll need your Site ID).
   Note: while your Site ID was not authorized, the counter will show always zero, but will be correctly displayed.

How can I register to MSX Rating?

   The registration process is very simple. Use this form to register.

How can I change the MSX site information?

   Use this form to update your site's information..

I had lost my SiteID! Can I retrieve it?

   Yes, you can. Use this form to retrieve your Site ID.

How can I change my site URL?

   The MSX Rating control is made using your site URL. This way, you cannot change automaticaly your site URL. If you really want a URL change, send an e-mail to Amusement Factory support team, as described in "How can I contact Amusement Factory?" section.

How can I contact Amusement Factory?

   If you had any problems using MSX Rating, please, contact the Amusement Factory support.


   This service is freely available, but Amusement Factory can suspend or modify it whenever needed.
   However, Amusement Factory Software will try to keep it up and running as much as possible.
   We all thank you for your visit and we hope you like MSX Rating!

(*) MSX logo is a trademark of MSX Association.

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