MSX Version

   It has been a long time since I first heard about MSX version of Shinobi. It was time of cassete only games, but I had never been able to get a copy to play it.
   Many years later, a disk version suddenly poped in my hand, but this was a piece of crap: it only worked in my MSX 1.2 with port based FDC and no slot expanders attached... also, the game was slow, choppy and even locked up sometimes.
   Well... Some days ago many people asked this game on brazilian mailing list (and then on spanish mailing list). Since I had it here, I was almost uploading it when I thought: "What they will possibly do with this crappy version?" Since I'm a Shinobi fan, I decided to re-convert the game from Speccy, using what was possible from the original conversion, but also bringing back the features that were stripped off in the original conversion.
   This job was started about a month ago, and now it's finished... The features added to the original conversion are:

   - Now it works on any Floppy Drive Controller, on any media (but CD ROMs).
   - Now it works on MSX-DOS (BDOS1 or BDOS2).
   - Shape clipping bugs were removed through a complete rewrite of the original game's shapes blitting routines. (the original version of them could cause random lockups in MSX)
   - Now it works on slot-expanded machines.
   - Now it works on machines using Memory Mapper.
   - Corrected the "bug" of 'automatic shurikins' in the first stage.
   - Now the clock works again.
   - Turbo support on CIEL and Turbo R machines.
   - FPS control - Now the game will run at the correct speed on any machine that runs at 7Mhz and above.
   - MSX Control Support (Keyboard, Cursor Keys, Joystick A and Joystick B)
   - Opening menus restored from original Speccy version.
   - New opening screen (scr2/scr8) taken from the arcade game (the speccy one is too ugly).
   - Optimized VDP routines on machines with VDP data-flow control (CIEL and Turbo R).
   - Added again the Speccy cheat-codes that were disabled in MSX version.

This way, the game is exactly the same as it was in Spectrum 48k, if running in a 7MHz computer.

I would like to thank some people from #MSX at Afternet:

   - SLotman: for the support, help, tips, screen conversions and musics provided.
   - UZIXman: for the help on debugging, tips and routines.
   - atom: for the beta-testing.
   - Darkwing: for beta-testing.

   Download:    Shinobi 1.0 v.0.8.1 (25/01/2004) - 3563x

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Game re-converted by Daniel Caetano (Fudeba)