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In SimCity you are some kind of "all powerfull" mayor, which can define precisely where and how you wish the services and buildings will be built, define bugets and even create disasters.

It is safe to say that only a few computer owners never heard about about SimCity and this is not without reason: the game is not only different, but it has set a new game type and originated several sequels and spin-offs.

Being one of those games were ported to dozens of computers and videogames, SimCity never came to MSX. There is a legend about a japanese version was almost finished, even some pictures were released in a magazine, but the game was canceled (such as many others announced MSX games in the early 1990s).

However, once more Amusement Factory brings Spectrum version to MSX, giving life to a game that every computer user should have in his library for each known computer, be it 16, 8 or 4 bits.

In this second full conversion released by Amusement Factory, many surprises! The game now uses sprites to show the pointer and now it is possible to use the mouse, even when playing on a MSX 1.0! Besides, reported by many as a Spectrum 48K game, SimCity was, in fact, a ZX Spectrum 128 game. So, MSX version has the features enabled on the 128 version, when 128KB of memory mapper is present: music!

Anyway, the best thing is the fact the game runs almost at the same speed as Spectrum version in a regular MSX at 3.57MHz, due to clever code optimizations added to the original game. On the other hand, the speed is suprisingly good at 7MHz, playing at the same speed as the PC version! And there is virtually no feature missing when compared to the PC version!

This is, once and for all, the end of an injustice. Finally SimCity fans can enjoy this superb classic game running directly in their MSX boxes!

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