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What is Breeze?

Some years ago I knew MSX View, the MSX TurboR only graphical interface. I thought it was nice, but it was both slow and very few adapted for today's needs. And what are today's needs? Well... We use hard disks, we have to change partitions, because we have lots of 32Mb partitions, and so on... And MSX View do not use these options. Other thing is that MSX View libraries can be only used simply by C programs, which we know are not the best to MSX, since we have a slow processor with little memory.

All Breeze history started 1 or 2 years ago... And it had not started with myself... Breeze is a "group project", which started on an idea from several people. The initial project was called MLDP or MSX Like Desktop Project. This project was a little more ambitious than this one, but it was a little more complicated too, and so we decided to "scale it down", so it can be created in a shorter period of time and be really usefull. The fisrt "step" after MLDP was my very own project BrOS, one entire Operating System, running with mult-task (not task switching based, but cooperative based) and graphical system. Some time later, I noticed that I will not be able to end the project in the time that I expected, and so I change all the project and start the "BrShell" project, which should be the same graphical interface that I planned to BrOS, but running under MSX-DOS2, and doing a task-switch based environment. Was at that time that I created the expression "Operating Environment", an environment that adds some new features to the base operating system.

Even at this time, BrShell proved itself to be an extremely advanced project to MSX, because it would be all vectorial, multi-rescalable-windows, and so on. I started it, but I noticed that even ASM wasn't as fast as I want.

So the idea comes... I talked with my friend from Rio, Giovanni dos Reis Nunes, and we agreed on "join" MLDP with BrShell and simplify the result, and work together to obtain, as fast as possible, a new Operating Environment, the best Operating Environment ever made for MSX: Breeze!

Of course, Breeze will be no a new operating system... (-: Breeze is what I call an "Operating Environment". But... I know. This could not mean anything for you. Well, an Operating Environment is something like "COMMAND2.COM". It's the shell over the Operating System. Breeze will mostly replace your COMMAND2.COM with a graphical environment, but I'll try change COMMAND2.COM so you can use it without harm Breeze Shell.

Plus, it'll run ALL your MSX-DOS1 and MSX-DOS2 programs, with built-in MegaSCSI support, and probably built-in Windows, Buttons, Frames, and other functions on BrBIOS, so you will be able to create a Windowed application under MSX in ASM in a simple way. It'll not be multi-task, but there will be several "plug-ins" that will be available for your use without exiting the main program.

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