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What is already done?

Breeze will not be distributed very soon, it's all I can say. I'll release some alphas (yes, it's not even a beta) and I'm releasing some versions for beta-testers, but it doesn't make nothing yet. It has the "look" already, but lacks almost the operational tasks. It has a simple command entry interface, but it's in early stages. Some screen shots are available above. No downloads yet.

The "real" thing, the actual stage of the project is described below:
  • Version: 0.1
  • Number of Buildings: 1569
  • Number of bytes of ASM Coding (text): 113.882 bytes in 18 files
  • Loader Size: 4096 bytes
  • Main Breeze Executable File Size: 2816 bytes
  • Standard Library File Size: 1024 bytes
  • Total Packet Size: 83.534 bytes

Implemented Features:
  • Full Screen 6 graphics (512x212x2bits)
  • Improved Hardware detection to prevent future failures
  • Keyboard/Joystick A/Mouse (both ports) Control (movement and buttons)
  • Basic button, frame, window, and others drawing
  • ACVS 7Mhz MSX Turbo and Turbo R R800 DRAM Mode supported
  • Menu Drawing with almost full Menu Handling (HotKeys are not implemented yet)
  • Nice mixed color mouse pointer/clock
  • "Busy" pointer indicator (clock)
  • Early Window Scripting support (only border at this time)
  • All objects have dirty flags
  • Breeze Static Library (early stage, some libs are already implemented)
  • Breeze File Load (BDOS1 Only)
  • FAST Text drawing
  • External Font support
  • External Palette support

Coming Soon Features:
  • Complete rewrite other Breeze modules to acomplish the new memory model.
  • DOS2 LoadFile routine (actualy it's a DOS1 routine).
  • Memory Mapper size detection.
  • Some changes on the Graphic Interface (Giovanni had gave me the drawings already. As soon as I finish the rewrite of the modules I will implement the graphic changes.)
  • Lots of bugs...
  • Lots of Easter Eggs... ;-p
  • A better logo (Waiting for GArI... ;-)
From the actual (internal) readme, you can see the changes from the previous build:
    * November 05, 1999 - version 0.1, build 1569, internal beta release
      + External Palette support added.
      = Some changes on the layout, because previous fonts was 8x8 and now they are 8x10. Maybe I add, in the future, support for multi size.
      * Several BIOS routines was updated to standard direct access, and everything speed up a lot! (-:
      + External Font support! I just added the external font support, Thanks to Giovanni R. Nunes by creating them.
      * MSX-DOS1 detection corrected. Now it'll be detected correctly, and not as "Not Detected"!
      = New Screen 6 opening logo, with loading information.
      * Wow! Now the line routine is done by calling VDP function, and not using BASIC line routine (as previous versions). This speed up the drawing a little. I think when I do the Rectangle routines calling VDP will be faster than calling SubROM.
      * Improved MSX detection. Now, if the computer is not MSX1, MSX2, MSX2+ or MSX TR, Breeze will run, because it'll be some new MSX.
      * Improved DOS detection. Now it'll run normally if any version of MSXDOS greater than MSXDOS1 is found.
      = The Controler detection was changed. Now Joystick is always detected, once there is no way to know if the joystick is conected to the port or not.
    - Removed
    + Added
    = Changed
    * Improved

Last update on November 05,1999
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