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Breeze Requirements

Well... It's sad but Breeze will be not for everyone. It's requirements are a little high, but I have to do that if I really expect some funcionality... Take a look at the requirements:
  • MSX 2 or Better
  • MSX-DOS2
  • 128Kb of VRAM
  • MegaSCSI or IDE
  • HardDisk or ZipDrive
  • A good monitor (on TV the image will be very bad)
  • 256Kb of RAM (or more) - actualy it needs only 64Kb of RAM
But could I made a MSX1, MSX-DOS1, 16Kb VRAM, etc, etc, etc Operating Environment? Yes! But this would not make sense, because I want a high-end shell, BUT not as high as WiOS, that runs only with the expensive GFX9000. The idea is create a really usable shell for MSX, and this is not possible with very limited systems.

Last update on October 02,1999
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